July 2019 Episode

Created on July 5, 2019

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    Simplifying Modern Day Business! - August 11th 2019

    Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Paul Candle, President of Groupware, and they discuss ways Groupware simplifies business through software!

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    Economics 101! August 4th 2019

    Kurt discusses the current state of the economy! He discusses the housing market, pensions, GDP, and much more!

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    Printing Press! - July 28th

    Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Gerry Harris of B&L Printing. Gerry Harris stops by and gives us a glimpse into the world of the printing business!

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    Employee Legislation! - July 21st 2019

    Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by two prominent lawyers from Kingston Law Group. Misty Avallone and Hanan Isaacs who discuss new laws that every employer must know!

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    Under the Radar Financial Benefits! - July 14th 2019

    Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by David Vinokurov. David is with 27 years of experience on Social Security Administration, current board member of New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education (NJCFE) and he recently started a private consulting business called Social Security Navigator where he assist client with all their Social Security, Supplemental Security Insurance SSI, Medicare question. David would informs us on how to financially plan for people that have disabilities!

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    Internal Revenue Situation! - July 7th 2019

    Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Leonard Steinberg of Steinberg Enterprises. Leonard Steinberg explains the complications of the new tax laws as well as how to address the Internal Revenue Service(IRS).

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