Master Your Finances Kurt Baker With Amanda Reese – Medicare

Written by on July 4, 2020

Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by with Amanda Reese of Hafetz and Associates ( ) . She visited us and discuss, what are the right medical coverage plans that would meet our needs.

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Episode Transcript : 

00:00 Kurt Baker: Good morning and welcome back to another edition of Master Your Finances, presented by Certified Wealth Management and Investment. I am Kurt Baker, a Certified Financial Planner professional located in Princeton, New Jersey. I can be reached through our website, which is, or you can call me directly at 609-716-4700. This week, we’re very pleased to welcome back Amanda Reese, who’s been with Hafetz and Associates since 2011, and she started with the Medicare department of the company, and since then, she’s helped thousands of clients and grow the Medicare department to include five team members. Enthusiasm to educate her clients of Medicare and her patience to make sure her clients understand their options is what sets Amanda apart from most.

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