Master Your Finances Kurt Baker with David Munck – Mental Health during COVID19

Written by on May 30, 2020

Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by David Munck a Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LSW, LCADC-I, ICGC-C. He specialize in a psychodynamic approach and a variety of situationally appropriate client-centered approaches to resolve whatever problems are presented in the consulting room. He visited us to talked about how to manage mental health with finances.

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David Munck
Triangle Psychotherapies & Consultation,LLC
1164 Raritan Ave.
Highland Park, NJ 08904
Phone: 917 971-5480

Episode Transcript : 

00:00 Kurt Baker: You’re listening to a podcast of Master Your Finances with me, Kurt Baker, a certified financial planner professional. Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM on
00:09 Kurt Baker: Good morning and welcome back to another addition of Master Your Finances. Presented by Certified Wealth Management and Investment. I am Kurt Baker, a certified financial planner professional located in Princeton, New Jersey. I can be reached through our website, which is or you can call me directly at 609-716-4700. This week, very pleased to have with this David Patrick Munck, who’s an MSW… LSW and also an LCADCI as well as an ICGCC, which have to do with helping people with addictions as well as gambling issues. He’s a clinically trained psychotherapist who uses psychodynamic as well as a variety of situationally appropriate client-centered approaches. He earned his Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work, from Rutgers University where he focused on addiction counselor training, the study and clinical application of addiction and substance use abuse treatment.
01:20 Kurt Baker: He has also completed training by the International Gambling Counselor Certification Board. He was clinically trained at two prominent substance abuse facilities in New Jersey. His first year was spent treating adults in an intensive outpatient environment, and his second year was spent treating adolescents in a residential facility. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from Richard Stockton University in 1985, where he focused on cultural anthropology. He has also completed two years at the Philadelphia Jung Institute, where he studied the theory and clinical application of analytical psychology, and the work of Carl Gustav Jung. He is currently enrolled in the Spring 2020 semester at the institute. He pursues the independent study of comparative religion, mythology, trauma-informed therapy, and the application of clinical strategies and uncovering and addressing early childhood trauma, complex trauma, as experienced by veterans and first responders, and mindfulness as it applies in clinical practice.

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