Master Your Finances Kurt Baker with Jeffrey S. Appelson

Written by on August 14, 2020

Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Jeffrey S. Appelson, owner of the Jeffrey Scott brand, a custom suit company. ( ) He visited and talked about how after working at a man’s suit retailer over 10 years ago, he grew a passion for the industry and after many years of learning and growing, the Jeffrey Scott brand was born and many more.



Episode Transcript :

00:08 Kurt Baker: Good morning and welcome back to another edition of Master Your Finances, presented by Certified Wealth Management and Investment. I am Kurt Baker, a certified financial planner professional, located in Princeton, New Jersey. I can be located through our website, which is Or you can call me directly at 609-716-4700. This week, we’re very pleased to have with us Jeffrey Scott, who has always had an interest in men’s style and custom suits. After working at a men’s suit retailer for over 10 years ago, he grew a passion for the industry and knew that this was something that he wanted to do and pursue. After many years of learning and growing, Jeffrey Scott brand was born. Jeff finds that most interesting aspects of the custom suit process are the attention paid to details, as well as the ability to continually create perfect-fitting unique garments suited for each individual. He has a passion for bringing his expertise and style to every client and making each experience special. He prides himself on providing the best possible experience and a custom garment that will always make you feel and look your best. Jeff, very pleased to have you come on today. I know there’s been a lot going on. I guess we’ll start off with a little bit of your background because that’s an interesting area to be in. So how far back can you trace your desire to look nice? You always look good. Every time I see you, man, you always look…

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