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Do you wanna learn how to raise awareness and improve your mental health and wellbeing at work and home? Are you interested in strategies for increasing resilience and adaptability? Do you wanna know the best practices for encouraging open dialogue about mental wellness and among the workplace employees? Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by [...]
Do you wanna know which businesses are now classified as non-banking financial institutions and must comply with FTC safeguards by June 9th deadline? Do you realize how critical it is to manage and mitigate cyber risk, especially in today's increasingly digital landscape? Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Bob Michie, president and co-founder of [...]
You want to gain a better understanding of the cannabis industry? You wanna gather information to determine whether the cannabis industry is of interest to you in terms of business, investment and/or employment? Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Mr. Nick Scalera the founder and CEO of NJ Cannabis Consulting, a company that assists [...]
        Do you wanna know why now is a great time to schedule a private consultation about the latest solar energy benefits? Do you wanna learn about the current state of solar energy in New Jersey? Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Michael Wakatama, an accomplished sales and marketing leader with [...]
Do you want to learn how to make a wise decision when undertaking a major renovation? Would you like to avoid future headaches by planning projects and saving money as a result? Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Vivian Hung and Joe Giamarese, the founder and principal designer of Global Home are here to [...]
Do you wanna learn how you can assist veterans? You want a list of organizations that aid veterans? Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Jeremy Deck. He is a retired US Army veteran who has used his leadership, communication and team-building abilities in a variety of settings. With his military experience as the food [...]
Are you up to date on the latest business developments in Mercer County? Do you know about the various changes that occurred in the workplace? Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Hal English, CEO and president of the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce, and President of the Mercer County Convention and Visitors Bureau. [...]
Are you certain that your company's bookkeeping is in good hands, are you just starting out and wanna learn bookkeeping techniques to help you manage your books and prepare for tax season? Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Ms. Adrienne Dove the founder of Corban bookkeeping solutions and a QuickBooks consultant. She is here [...]
Do you like shopping around to find a good deal? Do you like finding shortcuts that save you time and money? You may not realize this, but many of the colleges your child applies to are going to offer you discounted tuition in the form of needs-based aid and merit-based aid. Unfortunately, applying for these [...]
Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Desmond Hayes, the founder of GeoGreens; Hayes has three degrees, in architecture, civil engineering, and environmental science, and has worked as a full-time project manager for construction companies in New York and New Jersey. He visited us to discuss the importance of hydroponics as a way to have [...]

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