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Are you familiar with an exciting new option in Senior Care? Our host, Kurtis Baker is joined by Kevin Herman, the owner and operator of Senior Helpers for over 15 years. He visited us to share with you a new model for Adult Day and Enrichment Center Services located on Princeton Health Campus, Town Square [...]
Are you part of the majority of the population who believes that mathematics can only be useful for fields related to mathematics, such as engineering, programming and economics? Did you know that mathematics can be utilized for things more than that? If you ever wondered how mathematics can be applied to our real life problems? [...]
Do you ever wonder where to begin with maximizing your marketing ROI? How can your business acquire leads in today's inflationary economies to sustain its operations? Do you want to learn how sales and marketing collaborate to build a brand? Our host, Kurtis Baker is joined by Jeff Barnhart, with over 35 years of experience, [...]
Have you thought about how the pandemic has impacted where and how you work? Are you aware that you can still create a culture, an atmosphere where building teams that strive to exceed your customers' expectations is possible? Our host, Kurtis Baker is joined by Scott Sussman with over 10 years of experience in operations [...]
Our host, Kurtis Baker is joined by Theresa Semple an employee benefits professional with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry. She visited us to talk about the best marketing practices for reengaging with your customer post-quarantine. Transparency in coverage, no surprise act and more. Click PLAY button to listen for the whole program [...]

Have you ever heard about large tax credits that large corporations often receive from the government and wondered how they did it? Did you know that these credits are available to all business owners and you may be eligible to receive them? Our host Kurtis Baker is joined by California based, nationally recognized tax attorney, […]

Our host Kurtis Baker is joined by Attorney Jennifer Meyer-Mahoney, a Labor and Employment Expert ( She visited us and talked about challenges during Covid, how to get back to balance business, tips and more. Check out the Transcript of this Episode!

Our host Kurtis Baker is joined by Chaya Pamulam, Co-Founder & CEO of PAMTEN Inc & Founder of SHETEK & SOFKIN ( She visited us and talks about her inspiring childhood, how she started in a non -profit organization and how she founded PAMTEN Inc and more. Check out this episode!

Our host Kurtis Baker is joined by Timothy Wright, Super Bowl Champ, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. He visited us and talked about his background, his life and adversity and how he overcome it. He also talked about how he created his own path. From Rutgers Football to the Super Bowl, and from opening his dream business […]

Our host Kurtis Baker is joined by David Trapani of Sandler Sales Training Center of Princeton ( He brings over 23 years of sales, marketing, and management experience. He prides himself on helping sales people and sales managers gain an edge to move their business to the next level. He visited us and talked about […]

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