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Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Desmond Hayes, the founder of GeoGreens; Hayes has three degrees, in architecture, civil engineering, and environmental science, and has worked as a full-time project manager for construction companies in New York and New Jersey. He visited us to discuss the importance of hydroponics as a way to have [...]
Did you know that unexpected facts of New Jersey tax Law can catch taxpayers off guard? Do you wanna learn about tax laws that can be used in a variety of situations? Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Jamie Zug, a tax attorney at McCarter & English assist taxpayers in avoiding and resolving disputes [...]
Do you understand the distinctions between assisted living, memory care, and continuing care retirement communities, as well as the contract types involved? Do you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each? With over 20 years of experience in senior living sales, marketing, operations, and leadership, including 11 years with Solutions Advisors Group. Our host, Kurtis [...]
Do you want to know how to leverage marketing to gain a significant advantage over your competition? Are you aware that digital and traditional marketing are often not coordinated properly to maximize the return on your investment? Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined Larry Bailin, a successful entrepreneur, award-winning CEO, and dubbed one of the [...]
Are you curious about how established investors see private markets? Do you wanna learn about a unique market space and private equity? Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Ben Jen, managing partner of 1435 Capital ( He visited us and discussed how investors source transactions, the people involved, and how his firm, 1435 Capital [...]
Do you know how to generate online leads on your own? Do you know how to keep your client acquisition process under control by implementing cutting edge strategies? Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Matt Montellione, CEO of Royce Brook Media, which specializes in B2B lead generation via multi-channel outreach. His company also offers [...]
Do you know the common challenges that local businesses' owners face? Are you aware of the strategies used by forward-thinking business leaders to solve problems and make better decisions? Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Ted Simpson, President and certified TAB facilitator is here to help you develop your own personal vision with simple [...]
Do you understand why families feud over inheritance? How would you know if your family is safe from an inheritance battle in the future? Our host, Kurtis Baker, is joined by Cindy Arledge, a Purposeful Planning Institute member and second generation entrepreneur from Texas, works with growth-minded entrepreneurial families to eliminate known wealth transfer risks, [...]
Are you fully aware of the financing options available for residential real estate and the usual goods and services to look for when buying, refinancing, or making home improvements? Does it make sense to wait to purchase a home later and rent for now? Do you understand how the Federal Reserve's actions may impact short-term [...]
Are you aware of the importance of a great headshot in your business and corporate life? High quality headshot photos serve as windows through which potential investors and employers can examine not only your company, but also you. These are the first places where your brand can make an impression. Did you know that corporate [...]

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