Master Your Finances Kurt Baker with Sevi Adat

Written by on November 6, 2020

Our host Kurtis Baker, is joined by Sevi Adat funder of Heaven Scent and Princeton Perfume ( He visited us and talked about how he started Heaven Scent and Princeton Perfume, and how his company creates, tailored and customized perfume that suits individual needs and more.

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Transcript :

00:34 Kurt Baker: Good morning and welcome back to another edition of Master Your Finances, presented by Certified Wealth Management and Investment. I am Kurt Baker, a certified financial planner professional, located in Princeton, New Jersey. I can be reached through our website, which is, or you can call me directly at 609-716-4700.
01:01 KB: This week, very pleased to have with us Sevi Adat. He immigrated to the UK from Uganda as a teen. He’s been married for 25 years and has two boys. He was working in New York and studying at Indiana University. He has worked for three major perfume companies as a perfume designer. He left a corporate world back in October of 2017, started working as an entrepreneur in 2018 with a company called HeavenScent, then he restarted as Princeton Perfume Company in September 2019. Hobbies are golf, cooking, and spending quality time with good friends, and his dream is to take his family back to his place of birth. And his ambition is to help businesses in becoming more competitive in an increasingly tough environment. That’s fantastic, and I know we’ve met before also at F3, which is the men’s group that works out in the morning, right Free?
02:00 Sevi Adat: That’s correct.
02:00 KB: Cold and outside right. So great to have you on Sevi, and I appreciate you coming in and talking about your story, and if you want… This is very interesting to me, just it’s such a nichey area of the world. I know I had… The CEO of Firmenich gave this talk about just scents and the stuff we smell in the world and how the company touches over half the world every day because you don’t really think about how much that stuff is involved in our daily lives. Something I knew very little about until I heard this, it was kind of amazing how important such a relatively small group of people have over our lives. So can you give us a little bit of background of how you got introduced to this area of the world and how you’ve grown into where you are today?
02:42 SA: Sure. So first of all, thank you for having me on the show, Kurt. I’m always happy to share this amazing, amazing profession with the public. Perfume, like you say, touches everyone at some point in their lives, but very, very few people realize what it’s about and how it can really create some fantastic memories. So my background started when I was in college and looking for a job, and I found a job as a technician in SC Johnson formulating air fresheners, and air fresheners being primarily perfume. But at that time, I didn’t even know the part that perfume played in everyday products, but as time went on, I was in SC Johnson for nine years. And as time went on, I obviously was promoted to the chemist level, and at that time, you then really get exposed to all the supplies of perfume and the management of the brand.

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