Master Your Finances

0:00:03.6 Kurt Baker: Are you seeking empowerment and growth in your life's journey? Have you felt stuck or unsure about your path, yearning for fulfillment and creativity? Once struggling with insecurities and self-doubt, Davidson Hang understands the challenges of feeling lost and unfulfilled. Through his own experiences, travels and learnings, he's developed a system to [...]
0:00:02.5 Kurt Baker: Are you interested in gaining a fresh perspective on food and how it impacts our bodies and minds? Do you wish to explore nutritious recipes and receive informative handouts on making healthy food choices, understanding the nutritional benefit of nuts and seeds, and more? Marion Reinson, the Executive Director of Eating for [...]
0:00:00.0 Kurtis: Do you wanna discover effective strategies for making lifelong decisions and managing the challenges of aging? Interested in complimentary consultation. Meet Justin Lee Scott Esquire, a certified life resource planner with an impressive track record of overseeing 400 active cases. As the founder of South Jersey's Masterminds, he stands out as one of [...]
0:00:00.0 Kurt Baker: Interested in exploring alternative investments? Curious about real estate ownership without the hassle of landlordship? Join us for insights from Brent Ritchie, founder and president of Enriched Investment Group Inc. Boasting over 18 years of experience in real estate, infrastructure, engineering, construction, and project management. Let him guide you on redirecting your [...]
0:00:00.0 Kurt Baker: Are you interested in delving deeper into the hemp supply chain, hemp manufacturing, and hemp industrial applications like emphatic and textiles? Would you like to gain insights into the carbon credits linked with hemp cultivation? Ryan McFarland, a prominent figure in the hemp industry, is here to share his expertise on all [...]
0:00:00.0 Speaker 1: Would you like to discover how to generate organic leads for your service-based business at minimal cost? Are you interested in learning basic social media tips and ideas tailored specifically for local business owners? Vincent Little, head coach of the AmeriKick National competition team has represented not only the AmeriKick World competition [...]
0:00:00.0 Kurt: Welcome to Master Your Finances. Do you like to gain valuable insights on a range of topics, including leadership, business strategy, and clean energy innovation? Are you interested in learning about the challenges that may arise when starting and growing your own business? Do you wanna know how to build a strong brand, [...]
0:00:00.0 Kurtis Baker: Welcome to Master Your Finances. Interested in the thought process of students finding their paths in the business world. Discover how they embarked on a journey to create their own venture capital fund. Meet Abhijay Edavalapati a senior at Bridgewater Raritan High School, who serves as a venture analyst at 1435 Capital [...]
0:00:00.0 Kurt Baker: Welcome to Master Your Finances. If you'd like to know more about venture capital and the broader investing world from the perspective of high school students, join us as we dive into this fascinating area with Akash Patel and Andrew Somers, recent graduates making waves in the finance industry. Akash, a venture [...]
0:00:00.0 Kurt Baker: Do you want a better understanding of franchising? Do you want to learn everything there is to know about franchising business opportunities? Lisa Linkowsky, the founder of Milestone Franchising, has 10 years of experience in the franchising industry, training and mentoring franchisees to help them build their business and adapt a realistic [...]

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